Pantone Home Color Trends 2023

As the world moves back to speed mode, contradictory feelings are emerging; we desperately want to enjoy life and freedom once again, but, at the same time, we feel the need to protect and preserve that ‘suspended’ space we experienced during the pandemic. Yet, this uncomfortable duality we are experiencing right now is a new feeling that has the power to become a wake-up call to new activism, unforeseen opportunities and unexpected ideas.

The PANTONEVIEW Home + Interiors 2023 color planner  speaks to this new design vision, one that is simultaneously anchored by what we want to keep and foster and by what we want to invent, create and experiment with. Releases every year by Pantone, this collection  features key color directives, suggested color harmonies plus material and product application for the home and furnishings market.

The PANTONEVIEW Home + Interiors 2023 color forecast  has 7 palettes.

Tropic Refresh

Showcasing undertones of sand, sea and sky, this palette offers a balanced feel with both warmth and coolness.  Be inspired by monochromatic Ombré blends pulled from nature. We are reminded wellbeing is only a vacation away.

Pantone Home Color Trends 2023 Tropic Refesh palette

Epic Tales

Inspired by the mythic past that has inspired popular fantasy and science-fiction films and TV series. “Medieval meets Modern” brings onscreen adventure into everyday life using rich tones mixed with deepened metallics.

Pantone Home Color Trends 2023 Epic Tales Palette


Honesty is a simple color palette combination that suggests health and wellness. Organic, unadulterated tones evocative of health and a responsibility to natural resources provide steady appeal with nourishing vegetal yellow-green shades that are set off by a sole blue green. Use this palette for upcycling  home décor.

Pantone Home Color Trends 2023 Honest


The colors in this eclectic palette combine to elevate a sense of texture and feel. Evoking ancient materials, kiln effects and patinaed metals. earthbound is a reflection of our design for cultural reference and travel – even if we only do it on screen. Metallics range from rich copper to matte black iron.

Pantone Home Color Trends 2023Earthbound Palette

Unexpected Reality

This palette joyfully blends softer tones unexpectedly and satisfyingly with vibrant bright colors. Technology informs materials for a more upbeat sensibility. This palette is energized by a youthful state of mind to provide splashes of happiness in your home.

Pantone Home Color Trends 2023

Artisanal Invention

Rustic and sleek colors harmonize in an eclectic theme that “Makes new of old.” Drawing from bohemian art and crafts and manipulated fabrics, this palette offers combinations for eccentric genius.  Some may consider fashion’s “ugly chic” trend translated into interior décor.

Pantone Home Color Trends 2023 Artisnal Invention


This palette is about bright bold adventures. Since color impacts how you feel, using a hallucinogenic haze of color influenced by tech will elevate shared experiences. Intoxicants is the party you don’t want to leave.

Pantone Home Color Trends 2023

If you are interested in learning more about the specific directions color and design will take, check out Pantone’s offerings here.

Remembering the pre-pandemic color trends : Pantone 2020


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