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February 25, 2015 / Ann Porter, CKD

Cooking Table

Open Floor Plans and new technology have helped the kitchen become a more social space.

Open floor plans not only maximize available space and eliminate wasted space, they make rooms more flexible and  inviting. Food preparation, eating, lounging, entertainment and children playing all occur within the same undivided space.

Now a new cooking concept allows social cooking to be accomplished with ease in the smallest of spaces. German Designer Moritz Putzier presented his graduate project, the Cooking Table; at IMM Cologne 2015 and won first prize in the Pure Talents Contest – a contest aimed at acknowledging the work of young students and recent graduates who have developed a product or system that addresses the area of interior innovation.

Moritz Putzier Cooking Table | KitchAnn Style

“My work is focused on the creation of the experience not on the food itself,” said Putzier. “Traditional and original values are picked up and transformed into the present time.”

Putzier incorporated a hidden cooktop into a long, wooden dining table that can be used for preparing and cooking meals, dining, working or studying at. The table pulls apart to reveal a track where the gas burner can be attached on the top with a gas tank below. The burners can slide along the top allowing the user to add as many as they need.

Moritz Putzier Cooking Table Burner | KitchAnn Style

The Cooking Table comes with a couple of wooden stools and a set of ceramic bowls that can be used for storage or serve as heat shields for the hot burners. The lids conveniently double as cutting boards.

Moritz Putzier Cooking Table Burner | KitchAnn Style

I really like the concept and the approach Putzier took in creating his graduate project. Perhaps we’ll this on a Kickstarter page in the future for the American market.



February 22, 2015 / Ann Porter, CKD

Dacor’s Voice Activation Oven App

I’ve written about Dacor’s Discovery iQ line before and received great response. Now instead of a new appliance, Dacor is showcasing a new remote App update designed to add voice activation either in person when the cook’s hands are otherwise occupied or via phone for the on-the-go chef.

The iQ Controller and iQ Remote app, which works with both Android and iOS, allows you have the oven preheated and ready for use as soon as you get home via a simple voice command from your car over Bluetooth.

Discovery iQ app from Dacor| KitchAnn Style

 “The modern home chef values the convenience that connected kitchen appliances provide, which is why we strive to offer smart features like Voice Activation and ongoing software upgrades that will actually improve the overall cooking experience.” –  Chuck Huebner, Dacor CEO

Dacor’s 48-inch Discovery iQ range will retail for $12,000, with a 36-inch model priced at $9,000. No pricing information was available for the Discovery iQ wall ovens.

Dacor Discovery iQ 48-inch Dual Fuel Range | KitchAnn Style


A featured call the Discovery iQ™ Recipe Box allows users to easily store recipes found online directly to the smart range and ovens. The Dacor cooking guide is intuitive and eliminates the guess-work a chef might have trying a new food or recipe.

Discovery iQ cookin guide from Dacor| KitchAnn Style

About Dacor:

American made, family-owned Dacor has been designing and manufacturing luxury kitchen appliances for three generations.  Dacor provides a full line of innovative products designed to appeal to a broad segment of the luxury kitchen appliance market.  Dacor is proud of their products and innovations, but places the most emphasis on their company value, which is the foundation of Mike Joseph’s leadership – To honor God in all that we do by respecting others, by doing good work, by helping others, by forgiving others, by giving thanks, by celebrating our lives.

February 18, 2015 / Ann Porter, CKD

6 Beautiful Kitchens with Fire Elements

I can’t really complain about the weather here in South Florida when I look at the rest of the country. I certainly don’t miss those days I had to shovel my car out of a pile of snow left from the snow plow. I do miss an evening spent by the fireplace so today’s post is a curated collection of beautiful kitchens with fireplaces as integral elements.  I hope if you are stuck at home this will help you pass some time and provide some inspiration.

cozy fireplace kitchen | KitchAnn Style

This might be one the best executed kitchen fireplaces I’ve come across in a long time.

kitchen countertop fire element | KitchAnn StyleThe tile room divider is more interesting with the linear fire. Of course, safety first when planning a fire element on a counter surface in a working kitchen.


This fireplace in the kitchen creates a deliciously rich and romantic ambiance, filling the space with instant warmth and character.


This low fire element will add warmth and a delightful crackle to the ears. It will be more enjoyable to the guests than the chef but it’s a great example for an open plan house. I think this could also provide inspiration for an outdoor kitchen design.

ethanol linear bruners placed high in kitchen

From low to the ground to an elevated hearth with a linear burner., this fire element adds drama and can be enjoyed from every vantage point. Hopefully there is a large pantry nearby.

stone firepalce focal point of kitchen | KitchAnn Style

The large stone fireplace is balanced nicely by the large open windows. This fireplace could have felt too heavy for the room if the natural light wasn’t present from the windows and the skylight.

February 15, 2015 / Ann Porter, CKD

Pizza Perfection

After years of popular demand, Kalamazoo created a built-in version of its famous pizza oven for people who want an oven installed into a wall or masonry structure and not sitting on a countertop.

Built-in Pizza Oven | KitchAnn Style

Like the traditional wood-fired pizza ovens, the built-in Artisan Fire Pizza Oven is stone-lined. Pizzas cook directly on a hollow-core baking deck. Its honeycombed interior is designed to rapidly change temperature. A ceiling stone radiates heat down to quickly brown toppings.

The Artisan Fire Pizza Oven uses propane or natural gas and heats up in about 20 minutes. It is capable of the high heat needed for making delicious pizza, reaching temperatures of 800 degrees Fahrenheit via two independent burners.

Of course, the outdoor oven can be used to make other dishes such as roasting meats, fish and vegetables. Simply use cast iron fajita pans right on the baking deck. Kalamazoo’s Asparagus Wraps with Crispy Prosciutto and Herbed Cheese seems to be a very popular recipe for pizza oven owners.

Roasted Asparapus on the grill | KitchAnn Style

Priced at $8,295, the oven will surely be the center point of your Outdoor Entertaining. The Oven can be specified for either natural gas or liquid propane, and is made by hand in Kalamazoo, Michigan, of stainless steel.

Kalamazoo has a terrific newsletter filled with great recipes that I personally enjoy.  Try this incredible recipe with pancetta and baby arugula.

Pancetta Pizza Recipe| KitchAnn Style

Rustic Pizza with Baby Arugula, Pancetta and Tomatoes


1/2 batch White Wine Pizza Dough, about 14 ounces
2 ounces pancetta, chopped and cooked until crisp
1 cup shredded fontina cheese
1/2 cup baby arugula leaves
About 1 cup halved sweet grape tomatoes


Prepare the pizza oven or grill for baking pizza at 500°F
Sprinkle the cheese evenly over the dough. Add the arugula, then the tomatoes, and then sprinkle the pancetta over the top.

Transfer to the preheated pizza stone and bake for about 10 minutes until the crust is crisp and the cheese is browning.



February 11, 2015 / Ann Porter, CKD

How to Make a Romantic Bath

Foaming bath salts made with Dead Sea Salt give a luxurious, pampering, and skin loving bath! To make your own for yourself or to give as a gift, I’ve included a recipe from The Rustic Essentials Crafting Library.

Foaming Bath Salts Recipe | KitchAnn Style

Items Needed:

1/2 cup Liquid Glycerin Soap Base
2 Tbsp. light oil ( Sweet Almond Oil or Grapeseed Oil)
Gel Soap Colorant (a few drops)
6 cups coarse grain Dead Sea Salts
1/4 ounce (approx. 2 teaspoons) of body safe Fragrance Oil


Mix Liquid Glycerin Soap, carrier oil, body safe fragrance oil, and coloring. (If you’re using a teaspoon to measure fragrance oil, be sure to use metal rather than plastic.) Pour over Dead Sea Salts. Stir continuously until salt crystals are evenly coated. Thinly spread the salts on a cookie sheet. Cover with wax paper and air dry for 24 hours.

Store in a glass container with a lid.  If you are gifting, you might want to include in ingredient label.

Foaming Bath Salts Recipe | KitchAnn Style


If you are feeling less ambitious, this second recipe uses easier to find ingredients.


6 Cups Kosher or Epsom Salt
¾ Cup Lavender Scented Body Wash
1 tbsp Olive, Coconut, or Sweet Almond Oil
2-3 Drops Lavender Essential Oil (Optional)
Purple Food Coloring (Optional)


In a large bowl, combine salt and body wash, and mix until well combined.
Add in your oil, essential oil and food coloring and mix well.
On a lined baking sheet, spread the salt mixture out into a thin layer. Allow to dry for 24 hours.
Once dry, break up any large clumps, and spoon into a glass jar with a lid.

Wine Holder | KitchAnn Style


Add a Wood Bath Caddy/Tray and some votive candles and you have a nice gift for that special someone.

Wishing You a Happy Valentine’s Day!  xoxo-Ann
February 8, 2015 / Ann Porter, CKD

Outdoor Kitchens Expected to be Hot in 2015

According to a report conducted by Redfin, a popular nationwide real estate firm, the sale of luxury homes has been increasing at a steady pace since last year. In fact, homes priced over a million dollars outpaced the rest of the housing market.

According to Redfin, “when you have that much cash to spend, you can be picky. Interior design trends change every year, and buyers of luxury homes want the latest.”

For these homeowners, one of the top design trends for 2015 is designing an outdoor kitchen or living space. Creating an outdoor kitchen not only adds significant value to the home, but it can also transform your lanai or patio area into an extended living room.

Outdoor Kitchen | KitchAnn Style

Outdoor rooms are best planned with a team of professionals. Most high-end homers use a landscape designer, lighting designer, and kitchen designer in conjunction with their general contractor.

Outdoor Kitchen | KitchAnn Style

Using professionals will yield seamless results. Small details matter and when combined together create show-stopping entertaining and relaxing spaces.

If you plan to create your outdoor oasis in stages you especially need a coordinated set of plans. Otherwise, when you try to start the second phase it may be unclear what was done in phase one – such as chases and mechanical roughs.

You Might Also Like: Barbeque Sculpture

Hiring an expert often yields savings to a  homeowner. For example, You wouldn’t want to spend thousands of dollars on your quartz countertop to find out later the manufacturer does not offer a warranty on any material installed outside. Having this kind of knowledge helps me save my clients money and save them from hassles and loss of time later.

February 4, 2015 / Ann Porter, CKD

Dapper Design

Menswear trends have inspired Walker Zanger’s Sterling Row collection, which incorporate marble and wood-look porcelain tiles in gray, black and white tones.

The Sterling Row collection is inspired by the elegant feel of fine fabrics, the richness of burnished leather and the luxuriously appointed shops of the finest tailors in London, Manhattan and Paris.

“Using modern water-jet technology, we were able to create delicate and distinctive patterns in wood-finish ceramic, precisely fitted with marble. It’s a novel take on a classic theme that has applications in varying scales for floors and walls, and for residential and commercial venues alike.” –  Jared Becker, Vice President of Design and Marketing

Sterling Row Collection | KitchAnn Syle

Sterling Row Patterns are available in two color ways, Linen and Charcoal, created from three colors of  Statale porcelain tile and Thasos White, Bianco Bello  and Imperial Black Marble.

walker zanger derby

Sterling Row’s ten distinctive patterns offer designers a wealth of  decorative options for floors or walls, alongside the  technical advantage of impervious porcelain, which can be used in any residential, and most commercial applications.

Walker Zanger Serling Row Collection, Houndstooth | KitchAnn Style

The Sterling Row Tile Collection will pair well with burnished leather, charcoal accents as well gold toned and brass fixtures.

Walker Zanger Serling Row Collection, Buckle | KitchAnn Style

Last month the Sterling Row Collection won Gold in the Best of Bath category at the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS).

Walker Zanger Serling Row Collection, Argyle | KitchAnn StyleSterling Row is priced from $55-$145 per square foot.

February 1, 2015 / Ann Porter, CKD

Wilsonart Quartz Collection

Wilsonart recently introduced 50 (You read correctly, 50!) patterns in their new quartz collection at KBIS in Vegas.

WilsonArt Quartz Collection | KitchAnn Syle

The Wilsonart Quartz patterns celebrate discovery with designs inspired by locations and cultures from as far away as the Gobi desert to the Midwest skies of the USA and native peoples of the Americas, Australia and Southeast Asia.

“Bringing our own quartz line to the market furthers our ability to provide customers with a full spectrum of decorative surface options for any project they may embark upon,” – Alison DeMartino, Wilsonart Director of Marketing Communications

The Quartz Collection is divided into four categories based on aggregate and pattern structure. The groups are Fine and Small Scale, Medium Scale, Large Scale and Veining and Movement. By late Spring 2015 all the patterns should be available.

Fine & Small Scale Structures:

This collection contains subtle concrete tones with touches of sparkle, soapstone with a dappled appearance, and  imbues a modern and sleek sophistication.

Serene (Q1001)Niwa (Q1002), Gobi (Q1003), Amalfi Coast (Q1004), Key West (Q1008) ,Alamosa (Q1011), Lorraine (Q1012), Chillkat (Q1013)

Medium Scale Structures:

The Medium scale designs are transitional in their offerings of  color variation. This collection offers choices that will not overwhelm your space.

Lyra (Q2001), Majestic (Q2002), Aurora (Q2003), Sans Souci (Q2004), Viaggio (Q2006)

Large Scale Structures:

Large scale structures create bold interpretations in design. From terrazzo looks to subtle movement this collection offers increased style for distinctive spaces.

Skye Cliff (Q3001), Osteria (Q3002), Kabi (Q3004), Vittorio (Q3005), Rio Upano (Q3008), Galileo (Q3011), Nakasendo (Q3012)

Veining and Movement:

This collection offers visual impact It is inspired by classic white marbles, Turkish red marbles, and exotic tortoise shell.

Badaling (Q4001), Colza (Q4002), Araku (Q4003), Mehndi (Q4004), Adena (Q4005), Xcaret (Q4006), Duomo (Q4007), Haida (Q4008), Kolams (Q4009), Arashi (Q4011), Sangda Falls (Q4012), Isselburg (Q4013), Murren (Q4014), Las Medulas (Q4016), Arno (Q4017), Gaudi (Q4019), Anatolia (Q4021), Jules (Q4022), Santiago (Q4023), Via Augusta (Q4024)

WilsonArt Quartz Collection | KitchAnn Syle

The new product line represents the best in global design and state-of-the-art manufacturing, and will be delivered through Wilsonart’s exclusive distribution network. Wilsonart Quartz joins the family of engineered surface options led by Wilsonart® Laminate and Solid Surface products, as well as other engineered surfaces for a range of commercial and residential applications. Wilsonart Quartz meets all industry standards including UL GREENGUARD Gold for Indoor Air Quality and NSF International Seal for Safe Surfaces for Food Preparation.

January 25, 2015 / Ann Porter, CKD

Around the Web

Sometimes people ask me what I read when I’m surfing the web. Here’s a collection of posts that I found worthwhile.

Over on Hadley Court, Leslie Carothers put together a great post discussing the true remodeling costs and important remodeling considerations for kitchens based on data from industry professionals, Houzz, and Remodeling Magazine’s Cost vs Value Report.

Aound the Web with KitchAnn Style


The Founder of, Leslie Clagett always covers what’s new in appliances and innovative technology. I liked her post showing GE’s new combination of their Café Refrigerator with hot water dispenser technology with a Keurig K-Cup Brewing System. I think we all like the idea of being able to remove one more appliance from the countertop area. Sadly, it won’t be available until later this year.

Aound the Web with KitchAnn Style

“As an innovator in the personal beverage system industry, Keurig is excited to partner with GE and to be the first to offer hot single-cup technology right from a refrigerator.”

In addition to Blogs written by designers, I also read Blog posts from manufacturers. I recently discovered that Systempool, part of the Porcelanosa Family, offers the new Attica shower enclosure collection.

A large part of the value of an Attica enclosure is the availability of customization. Systempool realized that not all bathrooms are shaped the same – some have sloped ceilings, steps or structural columns that have to be addressed.

Attica Made to Fit |KitchAnn Style


Jeanne Chung is a gifted Interior Designer whose blog is titled Cozy•Stylish•Chic. Her posts are fabulous and I hope one day soon we will meet. (We’ve both been on Modenus BlogTour trips but not together.) I am sharing her post on 3 Must-Have Luxury Kitchen Appliances from Thermador.

My favorite of the three is the Freedom Induction Cooktop which is the first full-surface induction appliance with the flexibility of a natural-mapping user interface.  This technology  recognizes cookware size, shape and position, and delivers heat to these targeted areas (up to 13″ x 21″),while all other areas not in contact with a pot remain cool.

Thermador Masterpiece Induction Cooktop |KitchAnn Style

The new trimless model with first full-color touch-screen interface can heat up to four pots at a time. The 36″ cooktop is built with 48 individual 3-in. heating elements below the surface of the appliance, which translates to a 63 percent more effective cooking area on the surface.

Thermador Masterpiece Induction Cooktop |KitchAnn Style

January 21, 2015 / Ann Porter, CKD

Dekton Offers Five New Colors

Dekton by Cosentino introduces five striking new colors that highlight the beauty of natural stone as part of the Natural Collection.

Aura: A New Design Concept

Aura replicates the elegance and beauty of Calacatta marble with large-scale veining for an impactful design statement. Aura provides a stunning option for those interested in the luxurious look of marble – a trend that has shown a recent strong resurgence in the U.S. market – without the maintenance issues typically associated with natural stone.

Dekton Aura | KitchAnn Style

For the first time, Cosentino has developed a slab design with an endless symmetrical pattern. Aura can be composed so that the veining continues from one slab to the next, giving a true mirror effect known as “book-matching.”

Dekton Aura Bookmatch | KitchAnn Style


Edora is uniform in color yet contains delicate, undulating textures offering a minimalist concept and a natural look. Its warm neutral tones are distinctly stylish and classic.

Dekton Edora | KitchAnn Style


Thin, delicate veining gives Irok its unmistakable appearance. Its creamy tones and a subtle movement evoke the look of limestone, offering enduring beauty for myriad of applications.

Dekton Irok | KitchAnn Style


Another marble-like variant in the collection is Kairos, which offers a soft, white base striated with subtle, pale grey veining reminiscent of Italian Carrera marble. Its natural veining and milky appearance brings an elegant brightness for both classic and cutting-edge environments.

Dekton Kairos | KitchAnn Style


The stormy taupe of Vegha reveals a layered depth, which is impactful yet neutral. Inspired by the formations of limestone and sandstone, its innovative look is sophisticated and versatile enough for a variety of aesthetics.

Dekton Vegha| KitchAnn Style

Dekton retails for $58-$96 per square foot, depending on thickness and color.

How It’s Made

Dekton is made using a proprietary process called Particle Sintering Technology (PST), which is an accelerated version of the change that rocks and stone undergo in nature when subjected to heat and pressure over thousands of years. Dekton has reduced this process to four hours with extreme heat and pressure resulting in an ultra-compact surface with superior technical characteristics.


Dekton offers a 25-year limited residential warranty on the material. The warranty does not cover “commercial uses” of the Dekton products. “Commercial uses” include but are not limited to use in commercial buildings such as
retail stores, restaurants, offices, hotels, or apartment complexes.


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