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Hi, All! I’ve been working on migrating my Blog from here to Pleae visit me there.


Hurricane Irma and Chocolate Cake • Kitchen Studio of Naples • Recipe

Hurricane Irma and Chocolate Cake

I am thankful, for South Florida at least, Irma did what hurricanes often do - It wobbled and leaned away at the last minute sparing us. Irma was too big for me to consider staying at home. I am extremely grateful  I only have minor damage. Just a block away lanai screens and aluminum railings …

My FilterSnap Review

My FilterSnap Review | KitchAnn Style

Thinking about a subscription service for refrigerator water filters? Read this review on FilterSnap before you do anything. My findings may surprise you. Read on.

Shower Door Coatings

how to choose a shower door coating | KitchannStyle

The typical shower enclosure endures exposure to hard water and body oils every day, making it more susceptible to staining than most other glass surfaces in your home. You’ve probably thought about trying a glass coating to your shower, maybe even try the one you use on your car windshield. But, with so many shower …