Whirlpool Ice Collection

9 thoughts on “Whirlpool Ice Collection”

  1. And some of us just LIKE white, but hate the cheap looking plastic parts. This is totally the answer for me. Thanks so much for posting this!

    1. As best I can tell, Whirlpool doesn’t list the new appliances as an actual collection on their website so it’s best to do a search by finish. The new sleek appliances have cleaner lines and are unified by an arched stainless handle.

  2. they look sharp but the box stores don’t seem to have them in-store yet, whereas smaller appliance dealers do. I like the look but what does it mean above where it says ” if you don’t need the extra cooking power”

  3. Love this line as an alternative to stainless steel. I bought the microwave hood, and it’s great. I will probably buy the french door refrigerator and the better dishwasher soon, and the range later. Another good thing about this “ice” line is that it goes with either stainless or white (or black for the black ice collection) so you can mix your appliance colors and it looks planned.

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