Low-Relief CaesarStone

8 thoughts on “Low-Relief CaesarStone”

  1. Is this finish just as durable? How do you clean it? Would it be practical to purchase it as just a residential consumer?

  2. CaesarStone is nonporous so when it is sandblasted the shiny polished surface is removed. You would clean it the same way but I would use not use it for flooring in a commercial setting with high foot traffic.

  3. I hadn’t seen this before, but really like it! I’ve blogged recently about Caesarstone’s Concetto line, which I loved at KBIS this year. (It’s a great alternative to polished granite for clients who still crave the high-gloss look.) This textured matte finish is very attractive and i would definitely consider using it when it becomes available here. (I’ll have to check with my local C’stone fabricator on this.)

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