Virtual User Experience Technology (VUX)

Grundig VUX | KitchAnn Style

The technology debate has people questioning whether smart appliances will make life more convenient or lead to laziness and complacency. If our refrigerator orders our groceries online for us, will we ever need to get dressed and leave the house?

Monogram Experience Center

I recently took a fabulous trip up to Louisville, KY as a guest of GE Monogram and spent a few days at their Monogram Experience Center (MEC). It's one thing to look at an appliance online or in a catalog but it's another to experience actually cooking with it. At the MEC I was able …


Party Central

If the Kitchen is the room everyone gathers in at a party, the Amana Quick Tap™ Entertainment Refrigerator is appliance they are gathering around. The Amana Quick Tap has an integrated beverage reservoir that conveniently holds and dispenses up to 2.5 liters of cold drinks from punch to margaritas.  The reservoir is removable for easy …