Whirlpool Brews Up Beer-Making Vessi

Whirlpool Beer Making System | KitchAnn Stye

Every home-brewer knows Brew Day is the best part of brewing your own beer. But then comes fermentation and bottling. With the new Whirlpool Vessi fermentor and tap system, the company says it is reducing the time it takes to make beer from a month down to seven days. It’s a fermenter just like the ones you’d see on a brewery tour, shrunken down for home use and designed to make and dispense beer in a single unit about the size of a dishwasher.

Asko HomePub

Home Pub | KitchAnn Style

Since every party always winds up in the kitchen it makes since to serve the beer from the kitchen. The Asko HomePub is a combination refrigerator-freezer with a through-the-door beer tap.  An extra shelf for storing a 5-litre keg lets you chill your extra keg while you drink the first.  Special features include an anti-bacterial system, …