Pantone’s Fabulous Fashion Colors

Home trends follow fashion trends and with the experts predicting neutrals making a big comeback next year, expect to see Pantone’s 2012 Fall Fashion Color  Bright Chartreuse (Pantone 14-0445) and 2013 Spring Fashion Color Tender Shoots (Pantone 14-0046) to be  hot accents – especially in botanical and insect prints reminiscent of Victorian Naturalist Collections.    Bugging … Continue reading Pantone’s Fabulous Fashion Colors

Interior Design via Kinect

Unless you live on a remote desert island, you are aware of the impact Microsoft’s Kinect has had on gaming. What you may not be aware of its ability to be a 3-D scanner with third-party apps. The new possibilities comes from the Microsoft Kinect Fusion research project. It’s called Fusion because the technology fuses 3D data … Continue reading Interior Design via Kinect

Eco-Friendly Radiant Heating

I don’t work with much radiant heating here in Naples, Florida but MP Global Products’ eco-firndly QuietWarmth caught my attention because it is an acoustical and insulating underlayment  with radiant heating elements. The underlayment is composed of 77% post industrial/pre-consumer fibers and the radiant heating elements are non-metallic. The ThermoSoft FiberThermics® heating elements used to create … Continue reading Eco-Friendly Radiant Heating

Murano Glass Hardware

Inject glamour and style into door and drawer hardware with the Murano Scolpisce La Maniglia collection from Murano House. Infused with silver leaf and gold leaf, Murano glass is inset into handmade stainless steel handles in polished or brushed finishes. Available colors include amethyst, black silver, gregio, black gold, white gold, and white silver. Retail … Continue reading Murano Glass Hardware