Artisan Upcycled Cardboard Lighting

Upcycled Lighting | KitchAnn Style

Raouf Sarwari of Artisan Design Source creates laser-cut pendants and lamps using acrylic plastic and upcycled cardboard. While these lights are technically upcycled and not recycled, I like the craftsmanship and quality of light to add Sarwari to my Green Lighting Spotlight. Artisan Design Source's lights come in a variety of fascinating shapes and colored …


Recycled Corrugated Cardboard Lights

shadow pendant | KitchAnn Style

I've found a new source of recycled lights that has a web store. So if you aren't feeling like you have the skill to create your own chandeliers from recycled content you can now purchase one or two from Graypants, Inc. Graypants, Inc. is a design firm that aims to make a difference through its …