Sculptural Stair Inspiration

Sculptural Stair Inspiration |KitchAnn Style

It's been a hectic week for all I'm sure and since it's my Birthday I'm going to present a simple post that I hope you find inspiring. These beautiful sculptural stairs by Arquitectura en Movimiento Workshop join two levels of a Mumbai apartment. Treads of engineered walnut form the bottom portion of the staircase and ascend up …

Parisian Bathroom Inspiration

I stumbled across this bathroom online and I was struck by its bold graphic statement.   Then I discovered that this is a 3D rendering by Ando Studio Inc. Amazing, Right? I think knowing it is a rendering explains why the reflection in the mirror is a little funky. Their site is in Hebrew but I …

Have a Good Weekend!

This kitchenette from architectural visualization firm Wojciech Piwowarczyk  sets the tone perfectly for a Fun Weekend. I can hardly believe this is not a photograph. What do you think of this Architectural Visualization?