Pantone View Home + Interiors 2018 Color Palettes

Discover the Pantone View Home + Interior color trends for 2018. Learn key color direction and color scheme proposals for interior design and the home furnishings market.


Kaza Concrete Tile

Kaza Concrete | KitchAnn Style

KAZA Concrete is an innovation-focused fine-concrete design and manufacture company. Known as the first bespoke contemporary concrete tile manufacturer, KAZA is renowned for their 3-D tessellations.

Pantone Home and Interiors 2017 Color Trends

KitchAnn Style Curated 2017 Pantone Color Trend Inspiration

The 2017 Color Trends take a more unilateral approach to color and trend toward gender neutrality. As color choices are so closely tied to personal expression, new palettes enthusiastically responding to a public that is more comfortable with color as expression and less concerned with stereotypical ideas about gender. We see a breadth of color choices that transcend sexual identity, preference or bias.