Whirlpool Brews Up Beer-Making Vessi

Recently I wrote about FirstBuild‘s venture into the corporate crowdfunding effort to launch a cold brew coffee machine. They’re not the only ones testing out new product concepts using this model. Whirlpool’s hardware incubator, W Labs, is getting in on the crowdfunding game with a campaign for its Vessi beer fermenting system.

Whirlpool Beer Machine | KitchAnn Style

The Vessi started at $1,200 for early birds but will sell for $1,900 plus shipping. It can make beer in as little as seven days and requires no “expertise.”

The Vessi only handles the cold side of beer fermentation which means you need to cook the grains and infuse the hops yourself on the stove.

Whirlpool Beer Making System | KitchAnn Stye

Once you’ve cooked your mash recipe you transfer it to the 24″ Vessi stainless steel single tank fermentor with pressurization and temperature controls.

The revolutionary Vessi system gives home brewers the ability to control the fermentation process and have confidence in their results every time.

Depending upon what you’re brewing, fermentation times will vary but, according to Whirlpool, in as little as 7 days you can craft a “3.3% light blonde ale.”

Whirlpool Home Brew | KitchAnn Style

Once you have your batch in the tank Whirlpool delivers a smooth and convenient brewing experience.

Some of the many advantages over other home brewing methods include: precise heating and cooling for optimum fermentation and finishing, no need to transfer the wort and risk contamination, minimal light and oxygen exposure, sediment can be removed with the Sediment Removal System (SRS) while maintaining pressure and there’s no need for bottle conditioning.

Whirlpool Home Brew | KitchAnn Style

“Because it has an integrated temperature regulation system, Vessi has no problem turning out a nice, smooth lager. Lager’s aren’t generally very easy to brew at home, since they have to be conditioned at a low, consistent temperature.” – Bob Schneider, Lead 3D-Lab Technician, Whirlpool






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