LG ProBake Convection Ranges

Home appliance manufacturer LG Electronics is introducing  new cooking ranges that feature the company’s innovative ProBake Convection™ technology.

While convection cooking is not new to the home market, LG’s gas slide-in range with a rear element is an industry first. (BlueStar’s  PowR Oven in the Platinum Freestanding Range was the first rear burner in a pro-style range.)

LG ProBake Convection Range | KitchAnn Style

LG claims this groundbreaking new design provides for more even multi-rack baking, and speeds up both roasting and preheating by 20%.

The new ranges are offered in both single- and double-oven configurations. The new models also boast having the largest oven capacities on the market. LG’s electric double-oven ranges (Models LDE4413 and LDE4415) and gas double-oven ranges (Models LDG4313 and LDG4315) boast 7.3- and 6.9-cubic-foot capacity, respectively, allowing home chefs the flexibility to cook two meals at once with different temperature settings.

The ProBake Convection Technology is only in the lower oven so check out the oven in person before you buy to make sure you are comfortable bending down lower than normal to reach the bottom rack.

LG ProBake Convection Range | KitchAnn Style

The ranges also feature EasyClean, the 10-minute, fastest oven cleaning feature on the market that offers easier, more convenient cleaning thanks to LG’s innovative oven enamel technology.

I prefer the styling of the slide-in ranges in the Studio Collection over that of the freestanding ranges. If I were in the market for a gas range this would be on my shortlist.

LG ProBake Convection Range | KitchAnn Style

The new ranges are equipped with Smart ThinQ™ technology that interfaces with the LG cooking management app, making it easier than ever to plan meals for your family, set precise temperature control remotely, even monitor the oven’s self-cleaning feature.

LG ProBake Convection Range | KitchAnn Style

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