Mini Hexy is Very Sexy

Maniscalco, the Australian-rooted designer and wholesaler of high-quality glass, stone and metal decorative tiles, has released the comprehensive Victoria Metal Mosaic series.

This range includes “Mini Hexy,” which consists of 1 1/4- x 1 1/2-inch mosaic tiles delivered on 11 1/2- x 10-inch sheets. Mini Hexy  will be available in two colors – Mt. Stirling Blend and Falls Creek Blend. The Mt. Stirling Blend will debut at Coverings 2015 in April .

Mini Hexy is so Sexy | Kitchann StyleVictoria Metals is produced using 98% post-consumer recycled aluminum. Each individual mosaic is 8-mm-thick with a recessed backing making it considerably lighter in weight than other metal mosaics.

Other patterns in the series include Hexy, Interlock, Mini Versi and 1×1.

Mini Versi Pattern | KitchAnn Style

Each of these products can be installed on interior residential or commercial wall areas, in wet or dry locations, such as shower walls and kitchen or vanity backsplashes. Additionally you aren’t just limited to interior use, Victoria Metals may be installed vertically in frost-free exterior areas.



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