New Ways to Think About Deep Drawer Storage

Why are deep drawers always called “pots and pans” drawers? There are so many ways to use them. Many alternative storage solutions have been around for a while and probably originated as ADA solutions. Keep reading for inspiration for your next project.

Storing Dishes or Crockery is a popular alternative.

Glasses might rattle a bit but if upper storage is limited it’s a viable option.

Baking sheets stored in drawers are easy to see – and remove.

Dividers in deep drawers are especially convenient for round serving trays.

Do you hate the clatter of nesting casserole dishes?

Deep cutlery dividers are great if you have a lot of utensils.

Just be sure to keep the business end pointing down.

A little extra inspiration for the bakers amongst us.

I like drawer storage. They take less energy to open than doors with roll-outs behind them. I can instantly see what’s inside and Ican also easily group like items.

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