Philips Microbial Home

Philips Design new Microbial Home concept uses poop to power different processes in your home.

Their domestic ecosystem harnesses biological processes (nicer way to say poop) and turns your home into a Biological Machine that breaks down waste and converts it into energy.

The bio-digester kitchen island is the central hub in the Microbial Home system. It features a chopping surface with waste grinder and gas cooking range. The methane digester, which converts vegetable trimmings and bathroom waste solids (poop)  into methane gas, is used to power the cooktop as well as other household gas lights.

Other interesting elements are the Larder which is a dining table that can also be used as a food storage system and evaporative cooler. The piece provides spaces of diverse temperatures thus allowing the user to store different kinds of food.

The “Paternoster,” uses mycellium fungus to break down plastics such as packaging and bags. These fungi then produce edible mushrooms (given the packaging inks aren’t toxic). Mushroom cultures are grown and inserted into the “Paternoster,” and once a week mixed with plastic grounds.

The Microbial Home also features a squatting toilet, apothecary and an urban beehive – which I think is a great concept. Follow the link for images of the toilet.

Philips’ Domestic Eco-system makes us examine how we think about energy, cleaning, food preservation, lighting and human waste. Many ideas are not new – such as harnessing methane gas – which is done in India where a family’s livestock also contributes to the recycled poop. Philips has started a great conversation about how communities can pool resources and process waste in new refined ways.


3 Replies to “Philips Microbial Home”

  1. It almost looks like a set piece from a movie about a mad scientist…or a mad chef! It’s interesting technology in a creative and appealing design. I wonder how functional it really in is everyday life.

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