Sit like Royalty…

Update: This item has been discontinued.

Since the Royal Wedding this year, everyone knows Prince Charles travels with a white leather toilet seat or lavatory seat as he calls it. Now, thanks to the leather company EcoDomo ( , you can sit on your porcelain throne like royalty too.

The toilet seats are an extension of the company’s line of high-end eco-friendly leather products. They are made of bamboo and are wrapped with premium Italian top-grain, anti-microbial, low-VOC leather.

The toilet seats are complemented by matching bath mats. The bath mats are assembled on recycled post-consumer rubber with a signature saddle stitch finish and come in three sizes.

If a leather seat is too much for you to handle a lid-only option is available. The EcoDomo Royal Throne Collection toilet seats, lids and bath rugs, available in seven standard colors with an optional crocodile-embossed Patent leather option for the lid.

Send me an email if you are interested in upgrading your throne.  And since I know you are wondering – the leather seats are maintained with anti-bacterial natural Clorox after which you should polish the seat with leather wipes to maintain the finish according to the company literature.

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