Sit like Royalty…

Since the Royal Wedding this year, everyone knows Prince Charles travels with a white leather toilet seat or lavatory seat as he calls it. Now, thanks to the leather company EcoDomo, you can sit on your porcelain throne like royalty too.

The toilet seats are an extension of the company’s line of high-end eco-friendly leather products. They are made of bamboo and are wrapped with premium Italian top-grain, anti-microbial, low-VOC leather.

The toilet seats are complemented by matching bath mats. The bath mats are assembled on recycled post-consumer rubber with a signature saddle stitch finish and come in three sizes.

If a leather seat is too much for you to handle a lid-only option is available. The EcoDomo Royal Throne Collection toilet seats, lids and bath rugs, available in seven standard colors with an optional crocodile-embossed Patent leather option for the lid.

Send me an email if you are interested in upgrading your throne.  And since I know you are wondering – the leather seats are maintained with anti-bacterial natural Clorox after which you should polish the seat with leather wipes to maintain the finish according to the company literature.


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