HD Boutique 2011

Despite the three blisters on my little piggies, HD Boutique in Miami Beach was a good show. Here are some show highlights.

apaiser is an Austral-ian fixture manufacturer that specializes in making luxurious products from crushed (recycled) marble, resins and polymers. Their unique formula creates a product that is stain resis-tant, never needs sealing and is warm to the touch.  For more information, contact their Seattle Showroom.

Mio Metals:
Zinc countertops have some nice advantages over other materials and it was nice to see some examples from Mio Metals at the show.

Zinc countertops are durable, easy to polish, food safe and easy to clean. They are softer than stainless steel and should not be used as a cutting board. One advantage of the being a softer mater-ial is the ability for zinc countertops to have decorative edges.

Many designers and home owners are drawn to the patina that unpolished zinc forms over time giving it a blue or dark gray appearance.

Lefroy Brooks:
The prestige of Lefroy Brooks crossed the Atlantic and was evident at HD Boutique. Their catalog features a “Century of Classics.” So if you prefer the Deco thirties, the Streamline fifties, or the Starry sixties, Lefroy Brooks has many master-ful pieces to choose from.

Their quality is so well-known, it is a selling point at the posh residences in the The Plaza Hotel in New York City.

The inner child in me couldn’t resist gravitating toward the Bella Aire Faucet.


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