Homeier Hinged Hoods

I am in love with the hinged exhaust hoods from Homeier. They are a Remodeler’s dream come true.

I recently worked on a job where the client wanted a gas cooktop on a small wall. I wasn’t providing the appliances for the job and one day, after the cabinets had been ordered, I get included in a chain e-mail saying that a truss in the ceiling would make cause the hood to be off-center. Some solutions such as a down draft was batted around but the exhaust would have been located too close to the outside seating by the pool (Yuck) and would mean losing valuable drawer storage. The client finally decided to switching to an induction cooktop and foregoing the exhaust hood.

If we had access the these German beauties, we might have found a way to keep the gas cooktop. The GSI, SSI and STS stainless steel hoods can rotate 360Β° giving the cook total freedom of placement. The hoods, if sold here, would start at $5,745.

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