Small Bathroom Design Idea

What do you do when you want to center your bathroom sink on your vanity but there is a window to one side or the other throwing things off?

You could cover the window with drywall or remove the casing and hang an extra-large mirror in front of it.  But what if you want to keep the window operable?

Solution: Sliding hardware.
Sliding door hardware, also known as barn door hardware, will allow you to position the mirror where you want it and provide access to the window.

In almost every case there is a toilet beside the vanity which provides ample wall space for sliding a mirror.

barn door open

Another added bonus is the ability to have privacy without needing window treatments. This type of hardware can hold a lot of weight so this solution will work great for large window areas, too.

Since this example is pretty simple I’ve added a couple of fun inspiration pictures to get the creative process started.

Inspiration Gallery: Have Fun!

11 Replies to “Small Bathroom Design Idea”

    1. Where did you find the hardware for the mirror? I have this exact situation and I have been looking at barn door hardware and it is all very bulky. I have a small bathroom with 40″ window in front of the sink. I was hoping to find something available in brass or at the very least just smaller so it didn’t look so industrial. Our house is mid-century style.

  1. I recently was given the opportunity to take over payments on a house, our first real house. I love the bathroom except the fact that there is a single sink and vanity, because of a window. I finally came up with an idea, to somehow make a sliding mirror, in order to have 2 sinks, and still have access to the window. The only question was “How”. The moment I started looking for hardware and ideas, I came across this, WOW. Perfect. Amazing. Thank you so much! It is very inspiring.

  2. Hi,
    I love this idea, its brilliant. I’m planning on doing the same in my bathroom and was wondering if you could give me a few tips? What is the wheel on the bottom of the mirror? Also what is the width of the mirror?
    Thank you for the inspiration!

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