Small Kitchen Design Ideas: Open Shelves

I hear many home owners say they want to make their small kitchen look larger but they are afraid that if they opt for open shelves instead of traditional cabinets their kitchen may look too County. For a more modern look, wrap dimensional shelves around a corner.

This is a very helpful way to add storage in an area where you don’t have much usable depth. The example below shows how deleting base cabinets keeps the walkways clear and shows more flooring which makes a small room look more larger. (love the natural lighting here too)

Industrial metal shelves are also a great way to add some modern flair to a small kitchen. You will have to pay more attention to how you style this area. Using a lot of baskets for storage bins can push your look towards a Country Style. Large items like pots and pans or serving bowls and stacked plates look best.

I hope these ideas work for you.

3 Replies to “Small Kitchen Design Ideas: Open Shelves”

  1. Hi,
    thanks for you nice blog. I really happy to read your blog.Before some days I was searching ideas about my new home kitchen decoration.Your blog help me more to solve my problem.Finally, you are giving really nice images for easy understanding.

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