Monogram Experience Center

I recently took a fabulous trip up to Louisville, KY as a guest of GE Monogram and spent a few days at their Monogram Experience Center (MEC).

It’s one thing to look at an appliance online or in a catalog but it’s another to experience actually cooking with it. At the MEC I was able to meet other designers and appliance experts and get some real hands-on experience.

With the help of chefs Joe Castro and Brian Logsdon in the professional culinary studio at the heart of the 9,000 sq ft complex, we were able to cook our own meals with the freshest ingredients.

The chefs showed us their skills by preparing a wonderful dinner our first day. Each course was paired with a delicious wine that elevated the experience even more.


I enjoyed cooking with the Advantium oven. It’s as if 4 ovens were bundled into one – Speedcook, true European, convection, sensor microwave and warming/proofing. The controls are easy to navigate so it takes the pressure off using a new appliance incorrectly. You may hear many people call it a Speed oven. Since it needs no preheating, it is quite fast with the ability to cook some foods 8 times faster than a traditional oven.

The Trivection oven is similar to the Advantium oven because it also combines Thermal, convection and microwave cooking processes. The Trivection oven does have a size advantages over the Advanitum with its larger interior and extra shelves. It cooks food up to 5 times faster than traditional ovens.

We also took an in-depth look at the new integrated 30″ Refrigerator from Monogram. The Convertible drawer, an industry first, adds more storage flexibility to small kitchens  with its ability to be set from -6 to 55 degrees F. There is no need to worry about odor transfer since these refrigerators have two compressors.

Monogram also designed these refrigerators with the environment in mind.  The integrated Monogram refrigerators and wine reserve are the first to use the R600A refrigerant, which has a lower global warming impact than common refrigerants in the U.S. today. Additionally, these refrigerators use cyclopentane as the insulation foam-blowing agent instead of HFC foam-blowing agents.  Additionally, when you order a new water filter from GE,  you get a free recycling mailer.



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