Kitchen Insider Tips

I just received an advance copy of Kelly’s Kitchen Sync: Insider Kitchen Design and Remodeling Tips from an award-winning expert.

It’s a well-thought book that will serve as a great guide for anyone tackling a remodel.

Some topics she covers include:

  • How Much Will it Cost?
  • Where are the DIY savings?
  • Plumbing Oversights
  • Lighting Tips
  • Putting it all Together
Here’s a excerpt from Kelly’s Book discussing the difference types of kitchen designers.

“There are designers who own a home business or a showroom ,
and those like me, who work for an independent business.
Some will supply products, or specialize in design services only,
or have a combination of both…

Designers expect to be interviewed. We like meeting people and
hearing about their projects. We don’t expect to hit it off with
every person, but, like you, we’re also looking for a good fit too.
And don’t be afraid to contact the designers you’ve admired in
magazines and/or television. There’s a perception that they are
all too expensive. Some are but many aren’t. ..”

Congrats, Kelly, on your book! It is most definitely “Kitchen Design 2.0” Instead of just showing pretty pictures of kitchens and carious color schemes, your book shows homeowners where the pitfalls can happen and educates them on how to bring it all together and save money by avoiding mistakes.
ISBN #978-0-9828732-0-5

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