Tile Drain by Infinity Drain

Almost two years ago I wrote about linear drains for the shower.  Since new construction has slowed in the past couple of years they are not as widely used as I had expected they would be because many home owners  do not have room in their remodeling budget to modify the floor.

I like the Site Sizable Series from InfinityDrain because it has been designed to work with neutral pitch (level) floors.  This allows the outlet to be placed anywhere along the channel run. The FX and FF Series product lines feature pre-pitched channels to an outlet centrally located along the channel run.

Just recently, Infinity Drain introduced a slim linear drain that is a very discreet 1″ wide and their new Tile Drain series.

The  Tile Drain comes either square (5″x5″ , 8″x8″) or rectangular (3″x20″). It will accommodate tile or solid surface material up to 3/4″ thick for a four-pitch installation.  A metal “key” is provided  for lifting the drain cover for any needed cleaning. It is constructed of 316 stainless steel.

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