Robern TViD

Robern has expanded its M Series of Medicine cabinets by adding new technology to already verisitle line up.  TViD is a modular bathroom cabinet with a mirrored door and an 8-inch widescreen LCD TV in the lower right or left corner.

“Research reveals that 55 percent of consumers want to watch
or listen to the news,
weather, sports, traffic, music or other TV
entertainmet while grooming, instead
of blasting the volume
from an adjacent room,” says Robern President Steve Bissell.

“M Series with TViD extends technology into the bathroom in
a clutter-free manner.”

The cabinet can be recessed into the wall and ganged with other M Series cabinets in a variety of sizes that offer cold storage, lighting, electrical, and decorative color options.

An electrical shelf inside includes an MP3 hook-up so users can play music directly through the TViD cabinet, as well as a duplex outlet to charge electronic personal care items. Imagine guests being able to play their own music as they take a relaxing soak in the tub. On second thought, that may cause your guests to stay too long. Imagine being able to connect your favorite playlist any time you want relaxing music or energetic music to get you moving in the morning.


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