Kallista Chef-Inspired Sinks

Kallista’s new series of chef-inspired sinks designed by Mick De Giulio are sure to be a hit in 2011.

The collection features two single basin kitchen sinks, the Soltiere 33x18x8 sink and the Multiere 45x18x8 multi-tiered sink in the Kallista brushed stainless steel finish. The collection also offers the Bacifiore 18x18x8 entertainment sink in the new Kallista polished distressed finish.

The Soltiere and Multiere feature corner drains to maximize basin space and storage space under the cabinet, while the Bacifiore entertainment sink drain is centered to fit into even the most intimate spaces. Both Soltiere and Multiere offer a flatware tray for rinsing cutlery and removable plantation teak cutting board. The Multiere also includes a colander holder, a cutting board with knife holder, a sharpening rod, a dishcloth holder and a drain board.

Pricing starts at $1,895.00

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