New Apron Front Sink for Retrofitting

Kohler has introduced a new 7-inch apron front sink which is ideal for remodeling homeowners who like to achieve a farmhouse look without replacing their cabinetry.

The Whitehaven sink is still 9 inches deep, but the apron is shortened to fit a standard sink base cabinet. A 9-inch apron front sink is also available for homeowners who prefer the more classic look and plan on adding new cabinetry.

*Plan carefully, this sink will not work with most frameless sink bases found in newer kitchens. Those drawer blanks are usually only 6″ high.*

The Whitehaven sink is made of durable KOHLER Enameled Cast Iron and comes in 16 colors.  MSPR $990.

If you prefer a more modern stainless look in the new shallow front design, check out their Vault sink.


3 Replies to “New Apron Front Sink for Retrofitting”

  1. Ann, thanks so much for your great post on Kohler’s new apron-front sinks. I completely agree that it’s always important to measure to make sure the sink and cabinet will be compatible. And while it’s true that our short apron-fronts aren’t the right solution for all frameless sink bases, they are indeed perfect for retrofitting into most existing standard-size cabinetry, including some frameless cabinets. Thanks again!
    Julie A. Stange
    Associate Product Manager – Color Sinks
    Kohler Co.

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