Flux Foldable Chairs

If you love to entertain and don’t have a lot of storage these foldable armchairs from Flux are a dream come true.

Designed by Douwe Jacobs and Tom Schouten, the Flux Chair design was inspired by folded paper sculptures and intended to be as effortless as possible to recycle. The Flux Chair is a made from a single piece of weather-proof recyclable polypropylene thus eliminating the need to disassemble parts for recycling.

Folded flat into a unique envelope shape, the chair is compact and easy to carry with its integral handle. Shipping is also easy – imagine sending a set to newly weds who are usually short on furniture and space.

The chairs come in 8 colors with option seat cushions available. An optional wall mount holder will store six chairs. The Flux chair is so compact that you can stack 21 in just one foot. These chairs are also durable and can support up to 352 pounds.

Watch this video to see how easy and quick it is to set one up.


Where would you use them? At the beach, a tailgate party, a reception area, a charity event, your card table or somewhere else?

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