Rocky Mountain Backsplash Tile

Rocky Mountain Hardware is offering metal tile for kitchen backsplashes.  Their site offers predesigned layouts using their tile as design elements behind standard ranges and cooktops.

The Pixels backsplash layout is offered in three different sizes to coordinate with the most popular range dimensions. While they do provide layouts based on various widths, the heights are not varied and may need some customizing.

Bronze tile can be expensive so with their guide showing how to incorporate their tile into your choice of field tile you can add some great metal accents without breaking the bank.
I’d like some behind my range. How would you use them?

8 Replies to “Rocky Mountain Backsplash Tile”

  1. I love it when tile companies put together pattern “maps”. I have a supplier that provides a 10 page book of various patterns, indicating how much of each shape of tile is required (per square foot). Very helpful.

    Really looking forward to seeing this in person.

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