GE Profile Overnight Ready Washer

If you are like me, sometimes you get a little behind in your laundry.

This usually isn’t a problem but every now and then I want to wear something that hasn’t been laundered.  If I remember the night before I might stay up to wash and dry it.  With the new Overnight Ready Washer from GE my late nights could soon be a distant memory.

The GE Profile front load steam washer with Overnight Ready cycle lets you throw a small load* in the washer, then wake up to ready-to-wear results.

The frontload steam washer’s innovative Overnight Ready cycle washes a small load* of clothing and then removes so much moisture that clothes are comfortable to wear without transferring to the dryer.

The Overnight Ready cycle keeps clothes moving gently up to eight hours to remove moisture content. Two easy-to-clean filters trap lint for excellent results. This definitely is better than letting clothes sit in the washer overnight.

When the GE Profile frontload steam washer and dryer is paired with the optional pedestal (sold separately), the owner can activate SmartDispense technology, which automatically adds just the right amount of detergent or fabric softener and takes the guesswork out of doing the laundry.

*2.5 lbs. for a small load allows drying of one pair of jeans, three cotton dress shirts, two soccer uniforms, three sets of crib sheets, one dress shirt, one pair of khakis, and two sets of scrubs.

Price for the white Overnight Ready washer and matching dryer is $1,170 each. The champagne models sell for $1,260 each.

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