Christmas Decor

Do you decorate all of your home for the Holidays or just the living areas?

I sometimes think a splash of Holiday decor is nice in private areas.

But, it can be easy to over do it.

Way Over.


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2 Replies to “Christmas Decor”

  1. I love the holidays and (being a designer) love to decorate my home –all of it. This year I don’t get to due to our move and I’m really feeling deprived. I guess my style runs close to “Christmas horder” in my own home, but I’ve had years and years to collect stuff and not a lot of space to put it in. When it comes to Christmas, nostalgia often overcomes my design sensibility. Next year I’ll have a bigger place to decorate. I’m pretty sure I’ll have it filled in no time.

    1. There’s always a memory attached to Christmas items we see only once a year. I try to rotate some of my items so I don’t have too much Holiday Clutter but there are a few favorites that go out every year.

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