Is This The Future Of Dishwashers?

It seems American Kitchen Designers are often looking to Europe for clues to What’s Next.

This dishwasher from Baumatic looks very much like a wall oven. Baumatic, a UK-based company, designed the Ombre Collection of appliances with “nothing, or very little, to identify the specific product.”

The minimalsitically design collection started with the wall oven using the “simplicity of the lines to define the central empty space.” The dishwasher came next following the styling of the oven. The collection is complete with an induction cooktop and a sleek exhaust hood.

The dishwasher is installed similar to American drawer dishwashers.  The control panel tilts in to create a finger pull. The Baumatic Ombre dishwasher features 5 wash cycles and will hold 6 place settings.

This next picture shows Baumatic’s Compact Pythagora Dish Drawer but the picture exhibits what is increasing becoming the next big trend in design: Modular Appliances.

Hey American Appliance Manufacturers, Wake Up!

3 Replies to “Is This The Future Of Dishwashers?”

  1. I agree that modular appliances will be seen more and more, with things like Fisher & Paykel’s 36″ collection, which you’ve blogged about. But I can’t believe this is a dishwasher!

  2. Neff have come up with a similar dishwasher. They are designed to be built in at the same level as their coffee machines, ovens and microwaves. We have sold Baumatic in the past but to be honest it wouldn’t be the most reliable of appliances.

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