Flooring Products seen at HD Boutique

Here are some highlights from the HD Boutique Show this week in Miami.

Summit International Flooring

Summit International Flooring showcased 3 new innovative products at this year’s HD Boutique – Feng Shui Flextile, Van Besouw, and CLASS. I love all three but the CLASS  “Leather” Rubber Tiles are my favorite of the bunch.  The base compound is composed of 22% recycled rubber and is constructed to show patina and wear, characteristic of natural leathers. CLASS is available in 6 rich colors – Chocolate, Caramel, Almond, Charcoal, Greystone and Chianti.


The Betona Booth caught my eye with their Flexible Concrete Tile. The Betona tile is made up of 50% post-consumer recycled windshield glass and the manufacturing process used to produce it sends -zero- waste to landfill. They won’t tell me how they made it flexible but the product is concrete and contains no acrylics. The image below is obviously not a media kit photo but a sample I took from the show.



Centiva introduced a mass-produced flooring product that is so revolutionary each tile is unique. Stria is a beautiful vinyl tile available in 8 colorations with metallic pigments for added visual depth.  It is constructed from 51% recycled material and comes with their 20 year Commercial warranty. Like Centiva’s other products, it can be taken back at the end of its life and made into new flooring.

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