Stark Paint

Stark Carpet has teamed up with David Oliver, a British color specialist, to produce a new line of zero-V.O.C. paints.

The line is inspired by eighteenth-century homes and is available in 240 colors and 3 finishes. At $76.70 a gallon it is slightly less expensive than Farrow and Ball Estate Emulsion and more than Benjamin Moore’s Natura Interior Paint and Safecoat’s Zero VOC Interior Paint both just under $50.00.  Sample pots are only available in the Velvet Emulsion finish.

Oliver, design director of Paint & Paper Library, a London-based interiors company focused on the design and supply of paint, fabric, and wallpaper, also worked with Stark on a two-booklet system of paint charts that highlight the entire collection of colors.

What sets Stark Paint, colours by David Oliver apart from other supposedly “eco-friendly” paints is that both the base and the colorants are 100% VOC free. This is not typical in the industry where the norm is only a zero VOC base and any color will include VOC ingredients. In addition, with over 240 standard designer colors to choose from, you can go green without having to settle for a life of primary colors.

Lastly, both the paint and the cans are manufactured in the USA. The cans are even lined to protect the paint, so when it comes time for a touch up, the paint stored in the basement or garage will be as good as new. This reduces excess paint and cans ending up in landfills due to spoilage.

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