iPad in the Kitchen

The iPad’s ability to be used anywhere is certainly one of the reasons for its popularity (3-million-plus sold). It seems to reason people would want to use it in the kitchen.  Companies like Luxa2 have created stands that will hold your iPad firmly in place while you read off a new recipe or watch streaming video of Rachel Ray or Jamie Oliver.

Pictures of Alan Daly’s kitchen with an iPad installed in a cut-out in a kitchen cabinet door made the rounds on the Internet and even showed up on foody site Epicurious.

I wouldn’t recommend cutting holes in your cabinet – especially if you want to use the iPad in other rooms. Also, if the cabinet does not have an outlet in it you will have to move it or run a cord to it to keep it charged. Both options are unsightly.

I think it’s also wise to consider how fast technology changes – much faster than anyone remodels their home.  With rumors of a BlackPad from RIM, PalmPad from HP, etc. certainly one hole will not fit all.

A less destructive option is the FridgePad from UK manufacturer, Woodford Design.  This large refrigerator magnet will securely hold your iPad in landscape or portrait angles, and comes with replaceable corner clips for future tablet computer models.

As a Designer I’m rather saddened by these options.  I can certainly think of some better ways to incorporate technology in a kitchen.  I guess all I need now is an Angel Investor, an engineer and a prototype.

Do you use your iPad for Kitchen Activities?

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3 Replies to “iPad in the Kitchen”

  1. oh gosh Ann..I LOVE my ipad but would definitely need a cover somehow to use in the kitchen…but Iagree with you …dont like the look of the cutout in cabinet at all….ew yuck! But see the benefit to have it in there…but right now, I am techno tired. I am ready for a vacation from my many gadgets! I will say too, I am a HUGE reader….at least a book a week and sometimes more…and I still have not embraced reading on my ipad…but like reading blogs on there!

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