Smeg Retro Appliances

DF6FAB smeg 50's dishwasher | KitchAnn StyleThis cool 50’s style dishwasher from Smeg is available in a freestanding or integrated version. It’s curvaceous lines, bold handle and brilliant colours  match the refrigerators – tangerine, lime, red, pink, light blue, panna (cream), black and silver frost.

The DF6FAB  dishwasher features concealed controls for 10 programs and 5 water temperature choices.  It washes 14 place settings in 15 liters of water at just 35 dB.

Smeg Retro Appliance| KitchAnn StyleJust as cool as the dishwasher is the WMFAB retro washing machine.  I think it  looks like a mini refrigerator but behind the color coordinated retro door is an easy to use electronic display panel for 15 wash programs and a 300mm porthole for viewing your laundry.

There are only 4 color choices for the washer – cream, pink, pastel blue and black. Smeg does not offer a matching dryer so a clothes line will have to be your retro dryer.


Smeg Retro Appliance| KitchAnn StyleIf your laundry area is super tight on space the LBL16RO washing machine and sink combo is also offered by Smeg. This would be ideal for apartment living since the unit is free-standing.

Sadly, none of these are offered in the USA.

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