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This week I have been drooling over tile.  I especially like the new collections from New Ravenna Mosaics and Stone.  My favorite for a delicate field tile is the Sophine with its soft, almost ethereal, pattern.  I have to keep reminding myself that the delicate pattern is made from stone.

Sophie Mosaic

For a bolder statement, I really like the Aria murano glass tile from Nella Vetrina.  I have to thank for first showcasing these amazing tiles that can be customised for your specific project needs. No matter whether you select amber gold, plum gold or grey blue arabesque, these tiles are so spectacular they will be the highlight of any room.

Since I’m talking about color, over at the House of Turquoise, another of my favorite design reads, designer Holly Dyment and her wonderful use of color is showcased.  With so many pictures on the web and in magazines of all white bathrooms, her raspberry shower and turquoise floor is a welcomed change.  If you ever need to break out of your boring color routine House of Turquoise is a great source for inspiration.


A new website you may not be familiar with is called Catalog Living.  It’s written by Molly Erdman as a narrative of the lives of the people who live in your decor catalogs. It’s sure to make you laugh.

"Gary and I have slept in separate beds for years, but last night he left me a tied-up stack of books on my foot-of-bed-bench. I think he’s in the mood."
"Just in case anyone doubted that Gary and Elaine valued books over television, Gary brought in the secondary book stool to drive the point home."

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5 Replies to “Around the Web”

  1. Hi Ann,
    I have just seen the design you submitted to over on Detail and Design. I have to say that is one beautiful kitchen design. Congrats to all involved:)

  2. I have written so much about ceramic tile that I’m beginning to think I should be opening a tile store somewhere. It would probably be an import business because of the many glorious tile designs that are available in Europe, especially Italy. But New Ravena, as you pointed out, does some wonderful work in tile. And Natalie Blake Studios in Vermont does things with tile that pretty much defy belief. Mostly, though, I just think it’s a medium that lends itself to an incredible array of concepts and designs. And just when I think there’s nothing more to discover, someone does anyway!

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