Ceiling Fans and Winter

Ceiling fans are generally associated with warm weather usage.  However, when a ceiling fan is in the reverse motion (winter mode), the upward flow of air will push the warmer air trapped at the ceiling back down to earth making your feet feel as warm as your neck.

Check the blades of your fan.  While most manufacturers orient the blades so revolving clockwise will send the air up, some are opposite and send air down causing “wind chill.”

If you have a home with a high ceiling, the fan speed can be increased so the warm air is able to reach the living space. The forward summer setting may work better for tall rooms with high fan positions. Just make sure in both scenarios a downdraft isn’t causing discomfort for the people below.

Without a ceiling fan pushing the warm trapped air, the ceiling of a room could be 15 degrees warmer than on the floor. Using ceiling fans in the winter  could save you as much as 10% on your heating bills.

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6 Replies to “Ceiling Fans and Winter”

  1. Exceptional webpage. My family and I were just talking about this the other day. Also your webpage looks good on my old sidekick. And thats rare. Keep it up.

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