Hybrid Heat Pump Water Heater

4 thoughts on “Hybrid Heat Pump Water Heater”

  1. Not so sure about this one. I think it would just transfer the burden of heating the water onto the home heating system. There would be NO energy savings in a heating climate with electric heat, and I can’t see it being better than gas in any climate.

  2. I would agree with Reya IF the unit was installed in the home’s heated space such as a utility room. I’ve installed a Rheem HPWH in my unheated garage so the heat comes from the outside air. Since I am located in the Southern zone (NC) the efficiency should be good. Since it is in the garage the little sound of the heat pump is muted by the insulated wall. Also the entire installation qualifies for a 30 % Fed. tax credit which puts it close to the installed price of a regular electric water heater.

  3. It could be elsewhere on this site, but a heat recovery ventilator will replace the moist air with fresh air from outside that is dry. This happens using a fan to create a constant slow incoming flow of outdoor air while concurrently having an outward flow of indoor air that has become stale. In essence, fresh air is in constant supply as the allergens and other pollutants are regularly being escorted out.

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