Bosch and Siemens Dishwashers Recalled

2 thoughts on “Bosch and Siemens Dishwashers Recalled”

  1. Bought a Model SHX56C02UC/23 SN FD85060049 in Jan. 07. April 08, dishwasher would not start.Had repairman come out and he repaired the wires that had burnt at the wire nuts. Now just about a year had the same problem again. Repairman said that I should contact BOSCH because there is a recall on some BOSCH dishwashers. I called but mine was not on the list and that I should check with the repairman and see what he thinks the cause is. I’m going to call BOSCH again on Monday and see if they have had any other reports of burnt wires at the wire nut connections.

    1. Terry,

      I had the same model. It’s not on the recall list, but it caused a major fire in my home (over $100K in damage). We’ve had to move out for 5 months while our home is prepared. Get that dishwasher out of your home. We would’ve died (we have a 5 year old little boy) had we been home when it happened. It is unconscionable that Bosch is taking no steps to warn the public at large about this highly dangerous product.

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