Electrolux Icon Kitchen Contest Winner Named

Electrolux named Marcello Zuffo as the Grand Prize Winner with his futuristic kitchen entry. The conceptual kitchen has movable components that can be reconfigured to adapt to the task at hand and is a sculptural component to a typically rectangular space.

“As a city dweller myself, I congratulate Marcello for addressing lack of space with a completely unique concept,” said Cindy Allen, judge and editor-in-chief of Interior Design Magazine. “The jury especially loved the ‘knuckle,’ which swivels, and allows the kitchen to serve utilitarian and sculptural purposes simultaneously.”

In its second year, the design competition, challenged members of the architect and design community to present innovative, thoughtful concepts for a kitchen that meets the changing needs of today’s modern family. 

Marcello is a Senior Designer at Motorola’s Consumer Experience Design Group (CXD)

Congrats Marcello!

Electrolux Icon 2008 Competition

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