Good Design

3 thoughts on “Good Design”

  1. Great post Ann. I try to convince my clients who are building new, to build less but with better appointments. Do it right in a smaller space and use “targeted” storage to fulfill the needs of the particular family lifestyle. I would much prefer to see a great space, well designed and appointed well over a large and rambling home with lesser materials because “we ran out of budget”. In a remodel, I try very hard to get clients to put the dollars where they can really feel the impact and save where necessary. I am finding that people are still spending on good design and good products and spending less on the newest electronics or latest fashion trends. Cheryl

  2. I can see where organization and storage would still be popular. I think any time you can solve people’s problems (as well as giving them a cool space to live in), you’ll have an audience of folks ready to keep buying, even in tougher times.

    Of course, it doesn’t hurt to do some extra marketing and make sure your name pops first into people’s minds when they do decide to spend money. 😉

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