Coverings 2008

I just attended my first Coverings Show.  It is the premier tile and stone conference with over 1200 exhibitors from around the world and 80+ conference sessions.

The buzz this year seemed to be about the new collections from Antolini Luigi & C.

The Precious Stone Collection designed by Fiona Swarovski can best be described as a sparkling embroidery of crystal and stone.

Swarovski Crystals are inlaid by master goldsmiths on gemstone panels to create truly unique pieces of art.  Available in limited edition.

The Shellstone Collectionshowcases panels of iridescent Mother of Pearl.  The shells shift in color from green to light blue, yellow to pink and from silver to black. I personally like the simplicity of the pure white.

The Diamond Collection features ten different stones with bands of CRYSTALLIZED™Swarovski Elements. This collection combines crystal and natural stone amalgamate for a refined elegance.

With such great artistry it’s no wonder they won Best in Overall Show last year.

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