Most Seen Product at KBIS

servo-driveI am back from the biggest trade show for the Kitchen and Bath Industry held this past weekend in Chicago. 

Without a doubt, Blum, Inc’s new Servo-Drive opening system had to be the most displayed product.  In addition to being a feature item in Blum’s Exhibit, almost every cabinet manufacturer also featured it in their booths as well.

The Servo-Drive is an electric version of a touch-latch.  One simple push of the drawer head or tug at the handle and the drawer opens automatically for you.

Blum showed the Servo-Drive on cabinets with no hardware.  While this looks very sleek I’d recommend adding hardware for opening the drawers in case the power goes out.

One other thing I’d suggest if you want the system in your next kitchen would be to make sure you don’t keep any food in lower drawers.  A paw can just as easily open the drawers as a finger.

Experience SERVO-DRIVE


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