Social Cooking

Cook-N-DineCooking is a great way to entertain. Restaurants put special equipment in full view of patrons to bring flair to food preparation.  The Japanese method of cooking on a solid plate is referred to as Teppanyaki-style grilling.  Many Americans know this by the name hibachi.

While flat cooking surfaces have been offered for years on high-end ranges.  New free-standing varieties bring the restaurant flair to your home.

Cook-N-Dine offers a various shaped cooking surfaces that can be built into any surface.  If you do not have the space to install a cooktop one of their free-standing tables allows you to place your cooktop anywhere- indoors or out. As a safety feature the center surface bends to form a shallow pit when the unit is hot.  The outer rim of the tables always stays cool.

EvoAnother indoor/outdoor option comes from Evo, Inc. They offer the Affinity Built-in cooking appliance in both a residential and professional models.  Both styles feature selectable inner and outer cooking zones.  Dual circular gas burners underneath ceramic coated steel work to produce temperatures up to 670°F. 

If you don’t need a large cooking surface and want a bit more style the Tepan Grill Table from Troy Adams Design is an ideal choice.  These tables use charcoal and gas.  A downdraft system built into the table helps to keep smoke under control.

 Troy Adams Design 



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