Books for the Bathtub

durabook.jpgDuraBooks™ were first made for scuba divers but their waterproof pages soon made them popular with beach goers and people who like to read while soaking in the tub.

Originally created in the late 90’s from polypropylene film, Melcher Media was forward thinking in creating a product that can be “upcycled” in perpetuity.

While paper is recyclable, it is considered “downcyclable” because with each recycling process the fibers loose quality and virgin pulp has to be added.  Furthermore, since ink can not be lifted from the pages, toxic chemicals remain part of the pulp.

The synthetic pages feel like quality card stock but are made from plastic resins and inorganic fibers.  No wood pulp or cotton fiber is used.  The bindings are more sturdy than any paper or hardcover book spine.  The pages are also stain and tear resistant.

Durabooks are considered Green because they can be melted down and reused as other products multiple times, thus sparing trees and reducing toxin emissions.

I always like to pass a book I’ve read on to another person for them to enjoy.  I like the idea that these books are durable and can be read over and over again.


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