Vance Publishing Launches Closet Website

closet.jpgVance Publishings Corp. has created a new Web site to aid homeowners seeking information on home organization and closet solutions. offers a wide variety of information for organizing all the places homeowners tend to stuff their belongings. They include tips on organizing various types of spaces from a small hall closet to a craft room.

Many readers will find the Frequently Asked Questions area helpful. Topics range from how to hire the right designer to how long installation might take.

The online photo gallery has some very nice images but many categories have no photos at all. Hopefully this will change soon.

Vance indicates that they will soon be adding links to help consumer’s find closet design professionals.

Example of tip:
*Use pull-out shelves for easy access. Otherwise, narrow depth shelves should be used so things are not hiding in the back. You will never use them!

For many of my clients the closet is no longer a dark cluttered area behind closed doors.  It’s a showplace.


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