CaesarStone Gallery

ruby01.jpgCaesarStone, the manufacturer of CarsarStone quartz surfacing and Concetto semi-precious surfacing has an online gallery showing actual installations of their products.

I like that their gallery is divided by color and style  – ultra modern, modern, traditional, commercial.  This is especially helpful when trying to see what a 2×2 sample will look like as a countertop in a kitchen or bathroom.

Picture Galleries are also great sources for inspiration.  You might be searching for the right countertop and stumble upon hardware or a unique lighting application you want to incorporate into your own project.

If you want to upload your own photos of your new CaesarStone creation, visit their upload page.  



3 Replies to “CaesarStone Gallery”

  1. Carrying the countertop material down the sides of the cabinet is becoming more popular. It’s a very modern design idea and very practical considering how resistant to scratching and staining quartz is. Doing that with granite would be asking for trouble and an expensive repair.

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