A Passion for Pink

A recent article from Interior Design Magazine features a kitchen designed around a client’s love for Hot Pink.

The client feels the pink makes the concrete and stainless steel look less serious.  You can follow this great example of using an accent color with your own personal favorite.  The key is to pay attention to the value of the colors you select.  Colors of the same value will not have enough contrast.  For example, if you substituted a pastel pink in this room it would make the room look too washed out.


I have a prospective client right now who has a collection of kitchens in her idea file all with red accents.  Because the kitchen cabinets and floors vary in color I know the red accents are what has drawn her to the pictures.

Idea files are a great way to start the remodeling process.  While many obvious preferences will evolve some will be subtle.  A good designer will notice whether a person prefers clean lines or decorative ornamentation; or perhaps if a client desires perfect symmetry or a kitchen with all of the tall cabinetry on one side.

Designer: Ghislaine Viñas

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