Petite Tub Perfect for Small Spaces

If you are remodeling a loft space or if you’ve ever wished you could have just one more bathroom in your home but you are tight on space then the Ladybird bath might be the perfect solution.

Lift the sink top off and your have a petite bathtub.  While this may be a little tight for adults it is perfect for children or grandchildren.   I think it’s free-standing design is also lends itself well to being used in an all-purpose room for washing the family pet or cleaning up after crafts.

Designer: Coco Reynolds, Australia




4 Replies to “Petite Tub Perfect for Small Spaces”

  1. Where does the food waste go if used as a kitchen sink? Disposal?
    Well done on the styling and presentation.

  2. Your question reminds me of a Seinfeld episode when Kramer put a disposer on his tub.

    This would probably function just as a laundry or lavatory sink would and food waste would go in the trash.

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